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Summary of the Book "What are Prophecies"



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Olá a todos,
O Livro "O que são Profecias" foi convidado a participar da 23ª Bienal Internacional do Livro de São Paulo, que ocorrerá de 22 a 31 de agosto de 2014, no Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi - SP.


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Hello to all.
the Book "O que são Profecias", the original portuguese edition of the Book "What are Prophecies", was invited to attend the 23th International Book Biennial of São Paulo, which will take place from 22 to 31 August 2014, at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion - SP - Brazil.

The Release/Autograph of the Book "O que são Profecias" is CONFIRMED for  August 24/2014, Sunday, at 5:30 PMat the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion in São Paulo, Brazil.


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Santos, Fábio
ISBN 978-85-916219-1-0 – What are Prophecies
ISBN 978-85-916219-0-3 – Portuguese 3º Edition


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Hello you it will scroll through these pages, welcome!

The pace of change in our world is so fast that sometimes we do not even realize it.

Since the first edition of this book, in February 2012, there were so many new facts that led to the revision of its contents, in order to provide even more detailed information about the contemporary prophetic scenario.

The resignation of the Pope , the explosion of a meteor on Russia , the possibility of another pandemic, the internalization of the conflict in Syria, the deepening economic crisis, are just a few examples. All these themes , the papal succession objects near the Earth, the emergence of diseases, the prophetic role of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Israel, severe economic crisis that is approaching, has been addressed since this first Edition book.

But what are Prophecies? How is it possible? Antichrist, the Third World War, end of time.
More than providing possible answers to this book intention is to provide information, because with information you can go in search of answers.
The following pages will address some subsidies general understanding of the mechanisms prophetic, demonstrating its contemporary unviel a bit of the veil that covers the reason why there are prophecies.

The approach is multicultural and multifaith, therefore speak of the Bible, the Koran, the Torah. I quote from the Native American prophecies knowledge to Buddhists and Hindus.

May these pages serve as a basis for new understandings about the prophetic theme, because surely their participation in this collective process that lies ahead is essential.

The more of us awaken to the issue, without fanaticism and the use of reason, the more we act for the prophesied events do not occur, or occur softened.

Fábio Santos


I met Fábio Santos through the Internet in early 1998, by which time it popularized discussion groups via the World Wide Web.

This tool lists or discussion groups soon proved very useful for many types of researchers, catalyzing a revolution in communication and interaction between them. Fábio showed is always someone very serious and committed to the study, analysis and dissemination of the prophecies subject that captivates us from the tender age.

In 1999, I founded a mailing list, which after some time got the current name, Parúsia. Fabio joined her and since then remains as one of foundation.

Among other things he dedicated the collection and distribution of all the news that came out in the media and had some relationship to the prophetic scenarios studied.

In time he systematized this volunteer work, concentrating it in the bulletin MidiaeProfecia and Prophecy a very important source for who cares what happens to important nowadays.
We are in a world which experiencing rapid changes. With the prophecies we understand that we are experiencing a very interesting time. This is the conclusion of a cycle of thousands of years in which major events and transcendental approach in social, religious, economic, climatic, and primarily geopolitical, geophysical, astrophysical and spiritual.

The prophecies - and we must differentiate them appropriately according to their degree of reliability or lack thereof - are for those who have faith and a little insight, critical to obtain a minimum of anticipation and preparation for these events , and that alone would be enough to illustrate its enormous importance.

Fábio Santos has a very clear vision of prophecy, together with an almost encyclopedic survey of respect. As for making a book was a natural path for him, and it is an honor to the achievement of this book prefacing old friend.

"What are Prophecies" is a book that is not intended in any way exhaust the subject - if only because there is much more that Fabio himself has to say, but serve as a good introduction and fix concepts. In this sense it is very successful, synthetic and easy to read.

Enginner M.Sc. Roberto S. Ferreira

Chapter I - What are prophecies?    
What are “possible futures”?
The transition
What are “determinant prophecies”? 
Switching cycles
Akashic records 
Small Prophecies 

Chapter II Dates in Prophecies
  March Prophetic
Assumptions Prophecy Dates
Mayan Prophecies
And why 2012 ?
And after 2012 ?

Chapter III - Revelation, chapter 17
Keys to understanding
3rd secret, ST. Malachy and Parravicini 

Chapter IV - O Papa e o anticristo
March Prophetic” Israell
Messianic hopes
The last week of Daniel

Chapter V - Al Quiyamah, the doomsday
How is this? 
The small signs of Quiyamah
Great signs of Quiyamah

Chapter VI - Magnetic Inversion and Verticalization of Immaginary axis
Magnetic Inversion 
Verticalization of the Imaginary Axis 
Neos and Oort Cloud 
Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos
  The Search for Nibiru - USNavy

Appendix – General information

List of divinatory methods 
Jesus is Prophecy Fulfilled
The Golden Rule
The Insignia Malachias 
The 57 cities of the seven Hills 
Images of Vaticinia Michaelis Nostradam
The Torino Scale 
Biometrics, what’s this ?

About the Author 

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“Possible Futures” are not fatal. Its preconditions must be satisfied over time until its compliance.
But there are prophecies that simply has to happen.
–– ‡ ––

Chapter I - And what are prophecies?

A long time ago, we heard about prophecies announcing the end of the world, the destruction of the civilization and the death of humanity.
A fact indeed misunderstood by us, object of fanaticism for some and fear for others, the prophecies are reasons for a fair debate, even more nowadays when many of them seem to be fulfilling as predicted hundreds or thousands years. 
Target of disbelieve and skepticism, the prophetic messages are in general, demonstrations of grace with us, but a great majority of us is not prepared to understand them, or just don’t want to understand such messages, neither for lack of knowledge of its origins, fear or regard them foolish fantasies.
But then, what are prophecies?
Prophecies can be classified into two basic types:
-        “Possible Futures”
-        “Determinant Prophecies”

                What are “possible futures”?

Unlike animals, stuck to his instincts, we have the reasoning and insight. This sets us apart, but we did not relieve the Creation. Human beings have free will, the freedom to direct their actions according to their interests and needs, but bears the consequences of every act, every choice made.
An imperfect analogy can be made with long sequences of junctions on a road, and all the time these crossings can change the course taken by bending the left or right. Therefore, and in accordance with the decisions taken, you can get to completely different destinies.
Analyzing the historical choices of a group or individual for a certain period of time, it is possible to predict certain consequences for the following times. There is even a field of study called futurology1 that despite obvious limitations does it with interesting results.
With this amazing ability, free will rests on us the burden of responsibility relating to the freedom of being and acting. We cannot act with impunity believing that our actions are exempt from consequences
1 Futurology - the job of a futurist is not to indicate what will happen, but what might happen. In futurology scenarios and events are, or not, defined as: possible, probable, desirable. The futurology works as an aid to decision making.

For every action there is a reaction practiced derived from this decision, then although endowed with the power of choice in many aspects of our lives, we are limited because they do not control all the consequences of these choices.
With this amazing ability, free will rests on us the burden of responsibility relating to the freedom of being and acting. We cannot act with impunity believing that our actions are exempt from consequences.

For every action there is a reaction practiced derived from this decision, then although endowed with the power of choice in many aspects of our lives, we are limited because they do not control all the consequences of these choices.
Attached to the animalistic state that persists in us, we are beings linked to the concepts and material pleasures, we are still on the way to a full understanding of the facts relating to spirituality, the multiplicity of worlds, life forms and consequences in the Universe.
Remain much attached to our reality, only glimpsing "drops" of understanding of everything that exists, therefore limited in our ability to transcend and understand something that is beyond ourselves.

Thus, the freedom to act and to exist is proportional to the degree of "understanding" of everything about the being, any being, and this is easily "provable" in our world, through multiple examples of nature and also in human societies.
By "understanding", I mean not only the knowledge of something, but the condition itself to understand and deal with something.

So men with more resources (money, experience, knowledge, training, etc.) generally enjoy privileged positions in relation to others with fewer resources of their social groups.

Because the potential range of the will of those who have more resources to act, is generally greater than the reach of those who have fewer resources.

In a simple example, and about money, let's say a person want to go to Paris for the weekendHis agency may be blunted by your financial condition.

Yet another with the proper resources, which in this case comes down to money, you can go without problems, thus fulfilling his will.

If we can assess examples of differentiation occurring in everyday situations in human societies and nature, it is logical to assume that applies, in accordance with the perfection of God, the whole universe1.
Some understand that some “forces” that we don’t control, as the destiny for example, determine the direction of our lives. In part it is correct, there are aspects of our lives that we don’t control, and it will be better addressed in the next chapter.
 But actually many degrees and, though we are planning within one larger, yet have the moral teachings, moral and behavior examples   that enable us to act better in this scenario.
The use of these teachings and examples depends on our action, our free will, and make up the "possible futures”.
So, we could, undoubtedly, have sent and still avoid a series of painful events even when placed in a context of change mandatory to our moral intellectual and spiritual evolution.
1 The greatness of the Universe seems somewhat vague.
In an effort to understand this, you can imagine the sum of all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the Earth.  The known universe is about 10 times more stars than this sum, as reported in 2003, the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Sydney. And around these trillion stars, planets exist, tens of trillions of planets. Any fraction percentage, however small, will find mathematically, thousands of planets with possible life          

 And How are the prophecies possible?

If we recognize in a given stage of spiritual, intellectual and moral evolution, as also proposed by most religions, it is natural to think  that there are other beings  in the Universe that have reached a level of development, that their  view of the facts and the consequences are much wider than our view in relation to many other begins.
Then call them as you prefer, it does not matter in this analysis and the name will depend on the belief of each. What is meant here, and names, is the brotherhood for us.
These that I will just call "spirituality" can for the most view of the facts, observe the long-term consequences of human actions.
For humans could be modified in order to correct its course collective, was revealed from time to time "possible futures", in other words, the consequences of the collective human acts.
“Possible Futures” are not fatal. Its preconditions must be satisfied over time until its compliance; therefore, it’s simple to notice that when not satisfied the preconditions, the end will be different.
Possible Futures are events that can be modified, although we don’t know to what extend it’s possible. They become fatalists the extend they are ignored or misunderstood, and their preconditions occur, mainly when they exceed the “turning point” in which an action is initiated and will have necessarily to generate their reactions. There are of course various intricacies in the matter especially on the correct understanding of the prophetic messages, but we only consider that most of the facts set are the result of reluctance on the observance of moral teaching and behavior of the highest standard that humanity received the explanation of “future possible” makes even more sense.
Men form all ages, in almost all cultures and religious orientations were used to transmit these messages, and they have matching rows in prophecies, revelations, legends, stories, rituals and visions, paintings, books, petroglyphs.
Apocalypse, Armageddon, Quyamah, Day of the Lord, End Times, End of World, Planetary Transition, Vibrational Transition, Passing of the Third  to the Forth Dimension, Passing of the Forth to the Fifth World, Great Jolt.
All these names refer, in general to the same prophesied events for our future; end the various denominations for the same fact justified by cultural differences and religious or doctrinal orientation of each group or individual.
However, the main characters are present in greater or lesser degree in all the prophecies, for example: wars, famines, geographical disasters and extreme climatic phenomena. 

These various denominations to the same prophetic event have in common the affirmation of the end of civilization, as we know and the flourishing of a better one with peace, fraternity, justice, and understanding. The human race reaching a better understanding of their spirituality, their place in the universe and living in communion with his fellows, with the planet and with God.
Apparently, they narrate a single and final, and ultimate prophecy to humanity.
What differs between them is the terms used, references mentioned, and this could not be different since these were written independently. Each one reflects his own beliefs and cultural references.
And those who wrote and recorded these prophecies, they had their own limits of understanding of thing they didn’t know and also strong emotions about events they didn’t understand totally and it also influenced and differentiated the narrations.
This personal and cultural factors were crucial to the different versions of the same events, such details use life references, general knowledge and belief of their narrators.

                The Transition

The list of similarities among the various prophecies, and among them and the current situation is big, predicting facts as the social changes, religious persecution, totalitarianism, ethnic and religious differences and environment and weather changes, famine and wars.
Maybe the fact that worries more, it is object of doubts and it is called “transition”. The facts that appear in the daily plenary are already manifestations of the transition.
Almost all institutes and organizations of strategic analysis and international studies point to the perspective of worsening situation, social and economic world, which will give rise to a legion of excluded and serious increase of all consequences well known to us, such as unemployment, social and violence crisis.
Groups and institutes of studies of climate indicate a worsening of the climatic situation, with more floods, tropical storms, hurricanes, droughts and intense heat and cold waves, what will affect  agriculture and farmland unusable generating a legion of refugees of climate, and ruining many national economies and bring the destruction of island nations and coastal areas. Environmentalists point to the extinction of hundreds of plants species of animals within the next 20 years.

It alerts to the dramatic diminution of the green area of the planet and to the shortage of water, when today we have billion of people with problems of access to water, number expect to triple until 2030, and the increasing of pollution all levels: air, water, earth, visual, sound and electromagnetic.
News agencies and groups of political and military analysis predict the increasing of international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the continuity of regional conflicts and the development of new and deadly weapons, including robots, cyber attacks and strike platforms based on the orbital space.
In many prophecies, it is common allusions and climate change that we experience today, and still experience. Several point without a doubt, that these facts are consequences of the direct action of human being.
Claim that humans, in their unbridled ambition, will be killing the Earth and all creation in this contained. Not by accident or fatalism, but the result of their actions.
In various prophecies were also alerted to the ethical and moral degradation of society, and the diseases that would victimize million people.
The contemporary is naturally assimilated by us, after all, live in it, but it sure is observed through the eyes of other peoples and other times, many current behaviors have the appearance of moral degradation, and we all admit that some current behaviors are exactly  this.
In many ways this "loosening" of the customs brought benefits, but as I said, every action corresponds to a reaction, and the "winds of freedom" line found in human hearts, but also in his animality.  
The freedom of being and acting deteriorated in a series of larger and more complicated deviations. Human societies have gained freedom, but paid a high price for it, and in each day, it is becoming more difficult to be paid.
The increasing of violence in all levels, deviance of personality and sexual nature of all desperate search for profit and the satisfaction of personal desires, everything is paid of all the price we’re paying for the misuse of our freedom.
As the diseases, are related to the process of swelling of population, urbanization, rampant environmental destruction, climate change and also with some current behavior.
We can only lecture about all the ancient that despite all the modernity, victimizing thousands of people, for example, malaria, smallpox or measles.
However several prophecies talk about the return of ancient diseases in a modified form, and the mergence of new diseases. The list is enormous, starting in AIDS, passing through Stress, Diabetes and Hypertension and coming to Ebola, Mad Cow disease, Bird Flu (H5N1), the Swine (H1N1).
Since this short list was written a year ago, a new disease with epidemic potential global appeared the H7N9.
Another important aspect of prophetic is reference to natural disasters, and the examples are so common nowadays that do not require further comment. Only in the last decade, we had the highest thaws, the biggest droughts, more floods earthquakes, the largest tsunamis, hurricanes and major typhoons, etc…
So the transition is already now, in this period that the consequences of human acts, practiced since mankind exists, return to us.
And this "return", according to some cultures, is cyclical. For example, for Muslims, Jews and Christians, the world was destroyed by water because of iniquity, so are the second civilization.

For Native Americans the world was destroyed three times, and now the signs prophesied in their culture, they indicate that we will meet the threshold of "Fifth World".
We are, according to them, the "fourth world" or "fourth civilization”.

Both the Bible and the story of the native people, it is noteworthy that a group of people have been warned and could survive the cataclysm.
"For behold, I bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life from under heaven; everything that is in the earth shall expire, but you (Noah) will establish my covenant, and come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons with thee women. "(Genesis 6:17-18)
The information was restricted and its access limited. Nowadays, there is ample access to the facts and information. It is known, it is understood, then which still justifies differences?
Today humanity has to solve the technical problems, a group of planetary, and we don’t do it because of the inability of our leaders and people working in a regime of full cooperation and trust, so it is necessary the allocation of huge amounts of resources to maintain forma of discussion and death of similar.
To get an idea, the global military spending on official figures for 2012 exceeded $ 1.75 trillion or US$ 250.00 for each one of the 7 billion of human beings. Real expenditures are certainly greater.
For thousands of years we are inspired and taught by high spirituality to seek alliance with God, we respect your creation and our fellow creatures. Regardless of religious denomination, dogma that everyone believes in practically all
cultures. Religions preach the love of God or deities, tolerance and fraternity with others.
In Jesus, Siddhartha, Moses, Muhammad, Krishna and many others, as well as examples of our most promising condition of imperfect beings, we perceive attitudes of selflessness, of faith and humility, love and brotherhood. Teachings that were living almost always men misrepresented in its lack of capacity to a full understanding, or simple greed.
So these teachings and examples have become in practice dead letter, since the daily shows us another different reality preached and lived by those mentioned and many thousands of others during periods of our history.
However, the distortion of the message and example of these did not alter the essence of goodness and brotherhood.
The human being does not have the excuse of being stupid in terms of moral, although it has been given him hundreds, thousands of opportunities to practice and improve these teachings.
The man, using his free will chose to turn against these examples your own convenience.
We live now in large part, the consequences of collective choice, as humanity willfully ignored these teachings and examples, performed in various levels and accessible to all.
 The vast majority of people do not realize such an attitude, being bed to believe in the normalcy of all that is wrong in our world.
Many even feel in your gut that something is wrong but do not manifest them putting away these facts that the transition is true. This is bad because of how many more we can awaken to it, more than we can understand the mechanisms that are now operating in our collective destiny, and more able to positively influence the events prophesied will occur softened, and that some do not occur.
In our world greed governs, the indifference to the others, envy, mistrust and other feelings of the same pattern.
The consequences are felt dramatically.
The wars kill and maim million people every year and the indifference condemns million of people to poverty and famine. According to FAO, branch of the United Nations for food the planet produces food to around 20 billion human beings, we are around 7 billion and however we have a billion of undernourished people who have little or nothing to eat. On the other hand, 1 billion of overweight “watching” people dying of hunger every 3.6 seconds.
Twenty four thousand a day are killed each year and 7 million children under 5 years die of malnutrition.
Curable diseases kill hundreds of other people just because they cannot pay for medicines and treatments. Examples of hate and indifference to his fellow man are numerous and of full knowledge of anyone living in our societies.  
All this feeling, chosen by the human community consciously and voluntarily by some and not so voluntary for most, but that still does not exempt the majority of responsibility of omission that can only bring consequences compatible with their nature.
Thus, the transition should not be understood as Good’s wrath, divine revenge, much less as punishment.
If nowadays  we look at the new happenings and  get frightened, more than this, we should have the conscious and the humility to recognize that many of these happenings are consequence of our  own “wrong ways”, practicing in spite of the examples, by the incorrect use of our freedom of collective choice.

What are “determinig prophecies”?

There are prophecies that simply have to happen. The explanation seems simplistic, keeps it a mystery, after all there is no other explanation to some prophecies, but the actions of designations that are beyond  our immediate understanding.
A good example of “determining prophecy”, are the prophecies about the birth of Jesus.
There are many prophecies about Jesus covering his birth, and escape to Egypt, born of a virgin in Bethlen Ephrata and other details, and that he would be betrayed, accused, humiliated and crucified.
For example where born: "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, out of you will leave me to be ruler in Israel, whose goings forth are from of old, from the days of eternity" (Micah 5: 2).
Where born : “Know and understand this: from the issuing  of the decree to restore and to build Jerusalem  unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks, the streets  and the wall shall be built again, but  in times of trouble.” (Daniel 9:25).
The prophecies about his birth are not the result of the action of the free will of anyone, did not depend on human action. And when human action tried to interrupt them with Herod by killing the babies in the 'massacre of the innocents", yet they have been fulfilled.
“And have they departed, behold the angel of Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying: Arise, and take the boy and his mother, and go to Egypt, and stay there until I tell you; why Herod will seek the young child to kill him.” (Mathew 2:13).
These prophecies were crucial to our collective fate, they had to happen to change the course of history.
But examples of "determinants prophecies" are many, and when we read about a prophetic texts saying "sign in the heavens" or "three days of darkness", these prophecies are "decisive".
This succinct a series of questions related to its goal, then we return to the initial matter, in other words, there isn’t another explanation to such prophecies, but the action of designs that are beyond our immediate understanding.
The purpose of these prophecies would be to warn us about the inevitable changes to human progress, aiming our voluntary adjustment of behavior in line with this major change we do not control.
This idea, of compulsory changes, allows us to speculate about periods in which humanity has to go through processes that address our moral, intellectual and spiritual progress.
Let us remember the legend of Noah or the narrative of Native Americans, but in fact, several religious traditions expressing this idea, and many cultures and philosophies they see the time in cycles of compulsory changes whose events and contexts recur.

If we take this line of thought, "prophecies determinants" can then be in accordance with such planning and that most eludes us, periods or cycles of change.

Another more contemporary example of "crucial prophecy" is the restoration of Israel in 1948, and neither the Jewish extermination of the Nazis in the decades of 30 and 40, nor the Arab attacks in the decades of 50 and 60, were able to alter the fact the restoration of Israel.

The action of opponents and enemies of the Jews against them, only strengthened the position of the State of Israel, and is more interested in their existence and consequent historical resentment generated from it are fundamental to the formation of the current reality and future, being in center of events bearing for decades, which also composes the scene of some of the events described in Revelation and other prophetic books.

So when John saw the revelation made to him, as it happened to the other prophets, he and the others had seen Israel restored and in the middle of many happenings that nowadays we call prophecies or even news. They change and shape the reality around us.

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